Snorms 1.0b492

Snorms 1.0b492 is now available

Changelog :

  • Animated background during menus: an infinite battle between both sides of the screen. The battle will appear only on the 3 episodes version of Snorms.
  • Optimization on multi-core computers (3 threads are now used)
    • I have tested my game again on my netbook (not optimized for games at all, but with 2 cores/4 threads), and it’s now playable in “low graphics” mode.
    • There are still some lags when opening doors, mainly happening on Windows, I will check that later (sadly I don’t test Windows enough, even if it’s a lot more used than Linux)
  • Monster team (2 teams available A and B), this was added for the menu background, maybe it could also be used by map makers also…
  • Resolution can now be changed in real time if windowed
  • Changed some balance settings (a bit more ammo from monsters, monster immunity has been decreased,…)
  • Changed a bit menu graphics, made them brighter
  • Added a more complete stack trace in case of error (I was just showing the error message before, which didn’t help debugging, of course it will show obfuscated stack trace)
  • In case of fatal error you can now press the Enter key to send a bug report to me, this is fully automatic and anonymous (I just send the stacktrace at the moment, maybe latter I’ll send replay file and such)

This version is available on, I don’t know yet when I’ll update version on Desura, it’s a far more complicated process (everything is fully automatic on, from java file to installer & upload). Maybe I’ll just wait for the next update.

I ran into some nullPointerException lately, as it happened on the obfuscated code I can’t be sure where it happened exactly. So I tried to correct some possible mistakes, but I can’t be sure I fixed the problem as it was random. If it happens again I will re-build a new version.



Next update should (hopefully) include new sprites for monsters & player, I began working with a friend on making new graphics thanks to Qubicle. So far everything seems to work nicely, Qubicle is a lot easier to work with than my previous method (creating sprites slice by slice under image editing software).

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