Snorms 1.0b470

Snorms 1.0b470 : consumables

Snorms has been updated:

  • Added 10 consumables
    • Small life : will give you around 40% of your max life in 30 seconds
    • Decoy : when launched enemy will prefer targeting it instead of you. The decoy has two times your max life, and will be destroyed after 30 seconds
    • Invinsibility : same as pickable one
    • Temporal shield : same as pickable one
    • Big life : will give you around 100% of your max life in 30 seconds
    • Armor : will give you around 60% of your max armor in 30 seconds
    • Stamina boost : you will regain stamina very quickly
    • Invincibility : same as pickable one
    • Reflective shield : same as pickable one
    • Damage booster : same as pickable one
  • Consumables can be bought before entering a game, they cost money, you can only carry one of each type at a time, and they are unlocked according to player level (from level 5 to 50)
  • Added 3 new keys to handle consumables
    • Previous power up (default F) / next power up (default G) : used to select a power up
    • Use power up (default E) : activate selected power up
  • Play window has been changed as I needed space to add the “Consumables power-up” buy screen, now the episode selection screen has its own window
  • In game interface has changed to add the “power up” selection box

Update is available on, and will shortly be available on Desura (while waiting Desura users can use the Connect button on my game page).

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