Snorms 1.0b459

Snorms 1.0b459

Snorms has been updated to 1.0b459:

  • Small dialog changes
  • Missile launcher is now found a lot earlier in episode 1
  • Mini gun is now found on the “normal” route, where you were getting the missile launcher before (you will still get it on episode 2, I will remove it from there later)
  • Increased laser gun hit point at low level (no changes @lvl 20)
  • Small map modifications (in order to find exit a little more easily in some cases)
  • Episodes are now also available separately

Update is available on, and will shortly be available on Desura (while waiting Desura users can use the Connect button on my game page).

Website update

A few changes on

  • Episodes can now be bought separately
  • Added link to Ubuntu Software Center
  • Added password recovery & password change screens

Snorms sale

It’s summer sale! Snorms full pack (all 3 episodes) is now available at 3.99€ (was 6.99€)

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