Random news

Long time without update, no Snorms is not dead, but I got a job now, so I have less time to work on Snorms.

Internal changes

Lots of internal changes lately: changed svn, refactored the whole project, cleaned up everything,…

Nothing visible from player point of view, but from my side now it’s a lot cleaner than before, everything is well organized and I can make releases a lot easier.

Individual episodes

Thanks to the point above, I can now separate snorms episodes (1, 2 and 3). This mean I will be able to sell them separately at low price. As an episode can be quite long (around 3-4 hours for me 4-6 hours for a new player, even more if you play in difficult mode) I think each episode can be considered as a game by itself.

This mean:

  • Episode 1, 2 and 3 will be sold 2.99 € each
  • The pack containing the 3 episodes will be sold 6.99 €
  • Of course, people who bought the game previously will have the full pack
  • I will only sell the full pack on Desura, as the upload process is too complicated to manage 3 different versions
  • Same for ubuntu software center, only the full pack will be sold there
  • [spoiler]There might be a sale on the full pack soon[/spoiler]

The release process, upload mechanism, and website update are done, and ready to publish. But before publishing I need to do more tests of course, I think I will do all the needed tests this week end.

Consumables power up

I began working on consumables power up, they are power ups that you will be able to buy before entering a level and that you can use whenever you like. They won’t be all available at start, it will depend on your character level.

As it’s still a Work In Progress, it won’t be available in the next update, but now that the release process has been made a lot easier, I guess I will be able to release this quite soon enough.

Another game

I began working on a new game with (at least) 2 friends, more news soon.

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