Debian package & upcoming features

Debian package

I’ve created a debian package for Snorms (and automated the creation process), so that it can be easily installed on a debian distribution (tested on ubuntu). It is only available on the full version on

The only difference between this version and the binary version is that it will now save configuration in $HOME/.config/snorms directory instead of $HOME/.snorms directory (the old one will still be used if it exists) as it seems to be the standard directory for ubuntu apps.

Upcoming features

  • I have decided to work on consumables items/power ups for Snorms, for example you will be able to buy a temporary invincibility power up to be used whenever you want. I have not yet decided exactly how it will work (unlockable items, prices, available power ups list,…) but as it won’t be hard to implement, I think an update will come soon with this feature.
  • One of the biggest problem of Snorms at the moment is graphics (and promoting of course), textures are almost okay, but monsters/player are not. I will try to use some voxel editor and see if I can get better results.
  • Splitted episodes: I think I will split episodes, and make them available for purchase separately (3€ each), I don’t know if I can do it on Desura, so I will make it available on only at first. Of course you will need episode 1 before getting episode 2, and so on

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