Snorms website updated

It’s been a long time since I last updated website. It was still using stuffs from when Snorms was only an online game, and so it was too “complicated” for what I needed.

So I’ve updated the website, there are now less pages, only important ones, the menu has been made easier, and I’ve included an online demo !

The online demo version can be launched from here:

It’s a Java applet, so you just need Java installed on your computer (Oracle JRE, or OpenJDK), and that’s it ! No security warning of any sort, this is a safe Applet for quick play 🙂

The disadvantages are the same as the old online version: no music, and bad sound quality (due to the fact that I couldn’t use lwjgl without signing my applets and getting a security warning).

The downloadable version will be updated soon too, as current demo doesn’t include last enhancements.

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