Snorms release date

Snorms release

I didn’t find any bug lately, so I guess Snorms is ready for its first non alpha/beta release.

Sadly Diablo III will be out next week, so I think I will be quite busy 😉

So I will release Snorms by May 21th, or May 28th, this will allow me to do more testing and prepare the update correctly.


I’ve decided to set the final price to 6.99 € (it’s currently still on sale on Desura at 5.94 €). It’s quite hard to set a price, Snorms has old-school graphics/sounds, but it has quite a long lifetime for an indie game and a big content (41 maps, 14 weapons, 22 enemies). So I’ve set an average price for an indie game (block busters are 10-20 €,  others are 5-10 €). (french), a French video game site, is talking about my game ! 🙂 It’s really great, as I always loved this site, it was one of the first website I visited when I got internet (hmmm 14k modem)


I’ve suggested my game on steam, I hope they will accept it, but I heard it could take weeks before they look at it…

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