Snorms 1.0b391

I’ve updated snorms on, I’m still correcting small bugs and adding small features for the final 1.0 release:

  • corrected bug on e03m10 in hard difficulty mode
  • changed e03m01 (missile launcher was killing you from far away)
  • sometimes minimap could disappear
  • monsters will less spawn inside others
  • player will crush monsters on teleport (except boss)
  • updated end of level screen, bonus are displayed in a better way now
  • added 2 bonus : 100% kill & no checkpoint activated
  • player can now crush mob eggs before they spawn
  • capped max poison particle in one place
  • correct bug where particle emitters where not destroyed (no visible effect on screen, slightly increases performance)
  • when an upgrade is level 4, there is no characteristic reduction anymore
  • Changed maps e01m01 & e01m02 (bigger doors)
  • Added help screens before starting e01m01

As always, Desura users can use the Connect button to access this download.

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