Snorms 1.0b390

I’ve added the first build of the final version of Snorms, it might not be the latest version before final 1.0, but it’s close to be: 1.0b390

I will release this version on Desura when it’s 100% done (no bug left). It’s only available on (or using Connect button on Desura) for now.


  • added game modes, they are unlocked under certain conditions
    • When activated you get less money and experience, and you won’t unlock maps
    • total destruction: all blocks can be destroyed
    • all level 1: all monsters are level 1
    • quick reload: quick reloading for all weapons
  • weapon balance update (increased railgun/bombardment/mortar damage)
  • renamed artillery to mortar
  • corrected red can hit point @ high level (was one hit kill)
  • corrected fire elemental fireball hit points (was one hit kill)
  • corrected speed when respawing after death (could send you far away)
  • small level changes at hard difficulty mode (was too difficult)
  • increased ammo drop rate
  • corrected monster jump (could jump too high)
  • disabled replay (except in case of error)

*edit:* as last release was not yet authorized on Desura, I’m finally going to upload this one instead, and update the demo version

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