Episode 3 (soon)

Monsters (100%) / weapons (100%) / maps (95%) / misc (90%)

Total : ~ 95%

Episode 3 is almost done, I have tested it once successfully, I just need to add monsters for hard difficulty mode. I think I will release the game tomorrow or the day after.

Some changes:

  • More HUD options:
    • hovering items display their name
    • changing weapons show its icon under the cursor
    • weapons icon in the bottom of the screen now display reload status
    • cursor has different states to display reload status
  • Moving on unactivated checkpoint pop up the activation window automatically
  • When a checkpoint is activated, an icon will be displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • Power ups are now displayed near the key icons, with their remaining time
  • Poison and fire barrels now send their “content” in the direction you shoot
  • Button has a different sprite when its no more active
  • Cheat codes have been added
  • Bug correction (monsters could send you out of the screen,…)

Next release will include episode 3, and so the game will be complete. But it will still be an alpha release for a few days/weeks, in order to find last bugs.

After that, it will no more be an alpha release, and I will periodically add updates, such as :

  • Total destruction mode
  • Unlockable special maps (arena, …)
  • (Maybe someday multiplayer mode)
  • (Maybe an episode 4 ?)

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