Episode 3 is now available

Snorms episode 3 is now available!

It is already available on snorms.com, and will soon be on Desura.

12 new maps

Episode 3


10 levels + 2 secret levels have been added to the game.

7 new monsters

Episode 3


6 standard monsters and a new boss are available in this episode.

5 new weapons

Episode 3


5 (powerful) weapons can be found in this episode, one of them is only available in hard difficulty mode.

The game is now almost complete, with an ending. There is a total of:

  • 41 maps
  • 22 enemies
  • 14 weapons (5 using cartridges, 4 using energy cells and 5 using explosives)
  • Around 10-15 hours of gameplay!

New HUD options are available:

  • When switching weapon, it will display name, ammo, and weapon list under your cursor
  • When hovering items or monsters it will display their name
  • When reloading the mouse cursor will indicate reload status
  • When reloading the weapon icon will indicate reload status
  • New icons will be displayed at the bottom of the screen: activated power ups (and remaining time) and checkpoint activation status
Episode 3


Some monsters will now drop ammunitions and sometimes life/armor. As a consequence, you can not carry as much ammunitions as before.

Cheat code
Some cheat codes have been included, I won’t tell you what they are, but I’ll give you a small hint: my favorite game is Doom (I & II).

And of course, a lot of new/updated stuffs

  • Checkpoints will now automatically display their menu when moving on them (and just after death)
  • Some doors will open when moving near them
  • Balance update (lowered laser gun damages, changed monsters life/damage,…)
  • Scripted doors (doors that can’t be opened by clicking on them) now have a different texture
  • Barrels will now send their “content” in the direction you shoot them
  • Money bonus will be granted if you find all secrets and/or money boxes
  • Level editor can now be launched from main menu
  • Level editor performance increased
  • Help is available through main menu (and in the level editor)
  • Buttons will change texture when they are deactivated
  • Updated hard difficulty mode (more monsters in episode 2, less monsters that respawn after death)
  • And various bug corrections

What’s next?
Snorms will still be in Alpha for a few days/weeks, in order to male sure there is no bug left. Then it won’t be in the Alpha Funding program anymore.
It doesn’t mean I will stop updating it, I have already planned some cool stuffs (unlockable game modes, unlockable maps, maybe some multiplayer stuffs,…)

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