Snorms episode 2 is now available !

Snorms episode 2 is now available! You can update your game for free if you already bought it!

16 new maps

Episode 2

15 levels + 1 secret level have been added to the game, you can even choose the route you want to take, but we strongly recommend to do both route for more weapons and more experience.

7 new monsters

Episode 2

6 standard monsters and a unique new boss are available in this episode.
Beware! I heard some old monsters could have new attacks…

4 new weapons

Episode 2

You can now get the rifle, grenade launcher, double shotgun and the bouncing laser. You will even get the uzi if you didn’t find it in episode 1.


At last, Snorms has music! Music used is from, I will add more music later, depending on whether or not I can find nice ones.

And of course, a lot of new/updated stuffs

  • Turret now turns slowly (depending on their level) so that you can avoid their bullets
  • Uzi is now more like a minigun, it will very quickly fire a few bullets, then reload
  • Translations: you can now switch language, only English and French are available at the moment
  • Sight of view enhancements: the monster will less see you when they are not supposed to, and player will less see things behind walls
  • Adjusted check points price at high level (a bit more expensive than before, almost no changes for episode 1)
  • Explosions will no longer impact player/monsters when they are behind a wall
  • Colored doors, to be used with keys (no buttons needed anymore)
  • Damage booster power up, will greatly increase damage for a short time
  • You can now sell weapons you don’t want (complete the level again to get a new one @ low level)
  • Added secret passages! (and counters)
  • Added counter for money boxes when you pick one
  • Added new resolution 1280×720 (720p)
  • Level editor was also updated: bug correction and a few more tools available (the tutorial will be updated later)

You can download it on Desura ( or on (

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