Pre-release 0.1b300

Back from holidays, I’ve updated snorms pre-release:

  • Bug correction
  • Armor is now more useful (it will reduce 47% of the damage at 200)
  • There are more checkpoints in the level (thanks Sxill for the suggestion)
  • First chekpoint activation is free, next are less expensive than before
  • Level editor:  tile properties can now be applied to a group, id don’t need to be unique now

This should be the last pre-release before next release, if there is no bug found, I will transform it into a full release. If everything is fine I will then publish it on Desura, so it might be available this week or next.

The first version of the first tutorial of Snorms level editor is also published, you can get it here by clicking here. The editor demo level can be downloaded here: , you need to extract it in the custom directory of the level save location (see tutorial for help).

*edit:* corrected small things, release is now 0.1b300

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