Episode 3 update

Monsters (70%) / weapons (80%) / maps (0%) / misc (40%)

Total : ~ 10%

I’ve finished episode 3 specifications, and began coding/mapping. There will be

  • 4 upgraded monsters, 1 new turret, and 1 new boss: I think there are enough monsters, so I decided to upgrade 4 existing ones (color swap, and new attacks)
  • 5 new weapons (2 using energy, 3 using explosive): 3 weapons are very powerful, 2 will be in secret levels, and the last one will be in a secret level in hard difficulty mode only. The other 2 weapons will be in the classic route.
  • 12 levels (10 + 2 secrets): there will be less levels than episode 2, but they are slightly bigger

I think episode 3 will be ready in May, I will try to go quite quickly on doing it, as I want it to be finished before I run out of money and need to get a job.

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