Episode 3, press, destructible environment

Episode 3

Now that episode 2 is available I should focus on Episode 3, the last episode, no rest for me ^^

I am currently working on specs, and will begin coding soon after.

Here’s what is currently planned, it might change in the near future as I work on it:

  • 12 maps
  • 6 new monsters (or upgraded ones)
  • 5 new weapons (one will be available only in Hard difficulty mode)

So, when this episode is ready there will be a total of 41 maps! It takes around 10-15 minutes to complete a map. So the game will be around 7-10hours of gameplay (more if you want to complete the game in hard mode), which I think is quite nice for an independent game.

This will also make a total of 14 weapons, and 21 enemies (3 bosses + 18 monsters)


I have sent my game to a few French gaming websites, I hope they will talk about my game ^^ I sent it only to French websites for now as it’s easier for me and I know them better, but I will send it to worldwide/US websites soon also.

If you are interested in talking about my game, here’s a small Press kit I have made (screens, logo, information,…) : http://www.snorms.com/press/Snorms.zip

Destructible environment

I made a small video to show what could be a fully destructible environment. Of course you can see it would make Snorms a lot too easy, but it’s quite fun, and maybe I’ll add it as a special mode when you complete the game once (switch to 720p full screen for the best quality).

If you have any idea what I could do with that, don’t hesitate to comment the video (comments are disabled on this blog)

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