Episode 2 update

Monsters (100%)

Weapons (95%)

  • Bouncing laser : 100%
  • Double shotgun: 100%
  • Rifle: 100%
  • Grenade launcher: 80%

Maps (100%)

Misc (0%) : text & image transitions, end of level scripts,…

I decided to work a lot on maps , I kinda lost my sanity in the process but I have created them all for episode 2 🙂

I think they might be a little too hard, I will see during the testing phase what it’s like, but I’m pretty sure they will need adjustments. Now I have to work on all the misc stuffs:

  • Episode 2 map selection screen
  • Text transitions: there will be less text, at first dialogs where mostly from the applet (web) game, now they are almost useless (carpenter is not used, armory is almost automatic, no building upgrade, no storehouse,…)
  • Episode 2 end screen
  • Level transition scripting (level tree, blueprints,…)
  • Etc…

Then I will do a quick testing phase, publish a pre-release on snorms.com, and begin the real testing phase. I don’t know when the testing phase will be over, It will last the time needed to avoid all possible bugs, and to get a correct balance.

So maybe episode 2 will be released next week, maybe not 🙂

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