Episode 2

Monsters (100%)

Weapons (95%)

  • Bouncing laser : 100%
  • Double shotgun: 100%
  • Rifle: 100%
  • Grenade launcher: 80%

Maps (72%)

  • e02m01-e02m11: 100%
  • e02m12-e02m16: 10%

Misc (0%) : text & image transitions, end of level scripts,…

I think all maps will be finished by the end of the next week ! They have only been quickly tested, with a cheated player, so the testing phase could last quite a long time…

I’ve also added music, currently I have decided to use music from incompetech.com as they are free and royalty free, they fit nicely in the game, but I don’t think I’ll keep them forever, if I can make enough money to pay an artist, I guess I will change music. At the moment I have no other choice.

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