Snorms beta 0.1 – demo

That’s official, Snorms (downloadable version) is now in beta stage !

Differences since alpha/online version :

  • Removed lots of the resource management parts, most of it is now automatic (mine, ports,…). The game is a lot more focused on the Third Person Shooter part.
  • Easier weapon upgrade : weapon level depends on player level, you can still upgrade clip, barrel, propeller and sight individually
  • Money : you gain money by collecting boxes in levels (the more monster you kill, the more money boxes give) and thanks to mines (each minute you spend in a level will make mines produce money)
  • Checkpoints : there are checkpoints in levels (currently maximum 1 / level), you have to pay to activate them. If you die you reappear at the last activated checkpoint of the level.
  • Bigger view port : currently limited to 800×600 and 1024×768 (the game can perfectly handle other resolutions, but it might be too slow), fullscreen or windowed
  • Sound : uses of LWJGL for sound, it produces nice quality sound on all platforms, and it allowed me to add some pitch to the sounds
  • Save games : you can have multiple save games on your computer, currently 5, but in the future you will be able to add as many as you want (and rename them)
  • OS compatibility – tested successfully on : Windows XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu 11.10, and MacOS 10.5
  • Hardware compatibility – tested successfully on : Intel dual core, Pentium 4, and also works on some netbooks and under VirtualBox. You need at least 1gb ram for it to run.
  • All main levels are there (12 levels + a secret one) : with the episode 1 boss, I will add more levels to Episode 1 during beta, before working on Episode 2
  • 5 weapons available, other weapons are ready, but will be made available in next episodes

Smaller changes :

  • Big map : press TAB key to display a bigger map
  • Buy life/armor
  • Difficulty setting : easy/normal/hard (unlockable)
  • Options : you can switch movements direction 45°, it depends which mode you prefer
  • In-game level transitions : dialogs and end of level screen (kill %, xp gain,…)
  • Nice font : adapted from Ubuntu font, it fits very nicely at low resolution
  • Buy ammo in-game : you can still retrieve ammo from warehouse while in-game, but it will also buy them automatically if needed (but it costs 3 times more)
  • Statistics : death count, time played,…

I have not published this version yet, but I’ve published a one level demo version, click here to get it !

The full (beta) game will be available soon, I need to perform more testing first. I think it will be around 3 € as it’s a beta version. By buying it while it’s in beta you will have discounts on future episodes of season 1, and you will have access to all episode 1 updates.

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