Pre-release & payment option

I have updated to add Paypal option directly on my website. So if you don’t want to use Desura, you can still buy Snorms. But as I already said, I strongly recommend using Desura, it’s a very nice platform (and they also use Paypal).

I’ve added a pre-release section in the Snorms download page, that will deliver “work in progress” version of the game (new features, new levels,…), when these pre-release have enough content and are stable enough, they will become release and will be published on Desura. So I can deliver quickly some updates for you to test before release.

I will shortly (today if everything is fine) add the “connect” option on Desura, so that if you buy the game on Desura you will have an account created on automatically, it will allow you to have your account linked and see the pre-release. Pre-release won’t be published on Desura, as they might not be stable enough.

That being said, I’ve published the first pre-release 0.1b276:

  • Added explosive & poison barrels
  • Changed most of the levels to include barrels
  • Updated some levels that contained bugs
  • Added an option to tune auto jump (or turn it off)
  • Added elevators platforms (but I did not include them in any level, they will be available in episode 2)

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