Pre-release 0.1b298

I’ve uploaded pre-release 0.1b298, here are the new features:

  • Map editor, in order to launch it you must launch the game with the “editor” command line parameter (under Windows create a shortcut to snorms.exe and in its properties add ” editor” at the end of the target field, under Linux, launch it from a console using “./ editor”)
  • Custom map loading, after selecting a save slot, you have an option to load a custom map, none are provided by default yet
  • Weapon level system: the weapon level was already implemented, but it was automatic (according to the player level), now you will have to pay for upgrades (the maximum level still depends on the player level)
  • More money: in order to upgrade weapons, you will gain more money from levels (might still need some adjustments)
  • Stamina: stamina can now be used to boost your weapons, pressing shift key while shooting will temporarily increase weapon damage and reduce reload time
  • Options: adjusted auto jump (maximum value was too high)
  • Global map updated: it will display the undiscovered maps (as “Locked”)
  • Content from episode 2 (weapons, monsters,…) is deactivated in this version, it is useless to try to add them through the map editor
  • Bug correction (firing through door,…)

If you have a savegame from an old version, your weapons will be automatically upgraded to their old level, for free.

If you bought the game through Desura, you can access pre-releases by using the “Connect” button on my game page:

There is currently no help for the level editor, help will be ready for the release (early April), it can be quite hard to use it, especially without a tutorial. I’ve just pre-released it in order to make final tests.
If you still want to give it a try, here are a few basic tips:

  • The mouse is almost useless, everything is done through keyboard
  • The only use of the mouse I have is to move quickly in a level (middle click) and open properties dialog (left click)
  • As a development tool there are more bugs than Snorms, especially if you have an exception while saving the level, save again immediately, or your save might get corrupted
  • Resource consumption is higher than Snorms, FPS is capped at 15, and memory use is set to 1gb
  • No “undo” feature yet, save a lot
  • Arrow keys to move cursor (or numeric keypad, with diagonal)
  • Shift + arrow keys to quickly move
  • Alt + arrow keys (or +/-) to make tiny movements
  • Ctrl + keys to put the cursor on adjacent cube (after using Alt)
  • Tab to manually switch tool mode
  • + / – to change cursor height
  • Page up / Page down to increase/decrease a wall height
  • Delete to quickly delete tile/sprite (without selecting the delete tool)
  • S to save map
  • L to load map
  • N to create a new map
  • T to select tile texture
  • Y to select tile texture from used ones (in the current map)
  • H to select tile shape
  • P to select a sprite
  • R to rotate sprite tool or tile shape
  • E to switch to the delete tool
  • G to fill an area
  • I to pick up tile/sprite on the cursor in the tool selection
  • O to open map properties dialog
  • M to create a mountain (+ shitf/alt/ctrl)
  • B to generate perlin noise (+ shitf/alt/ctrl)
  • K to remove hidden cubes
  • Space to insert current selection at cursor (tile/sprite/texture/shape)
  • Shitf + space to create a rectangle
  • Ctrl + space to create a line
  • F2 to display minimap
  • F3 to view only current height
  • F4 to view only current height and below
  • F5 to refresh tiles (used if you have strange borders around tiles)

That’s all for now !

I’ll be off next week (I’ll be in Morocco for one week !), so I’ve disabled Paypal payment, to make sure I won’t have too much work during my holidays 🙂 (as Paypal is still under test)

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