Full (beta) release soon…

Quick news !

The game by itself is currently stable enough for release, I’m currently making final tests, and finishing stuffs around the game (trailer video, forum, help, distribution, payment,….). Depending on my advancement, the game could be released in next few days. Current planned date is March, 12, but it could be earlier or later depending on how things are going on.

I’ve submitted my game to Desura, I hope it will be accepted to AlphaFunding program. I like the “spirit” of this platform, I didn’t know until yesterday that they supported Linux, and I’m glad to see that.

The Paypal payment is already done, but I think I will use Desura only first, it will be easier for me (less debugging stuff to do), and as Desura uses Paypal too, there would be no real difference for end user (except that Desura could seem more “trustful” than I am).

I’ve also changed a bit the demo (and full version too of course) since last update, I’ve added spatialized sound (“3d” sound), it sounds nice. I might also change a few sounds before release, as I’m quite bored of the shotgun/pistol sound.

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