Snorms alpha 0.05 build 206 & map e01m11

Map e01m11 has been uploaded, it’s the one on the south island, that gives you access to a new mine.

I’ve changed a bit the level design compared to previous maps, I like this one better (more open spaces, more labyrinth)

I’ve also updated Java applet and website :

  • Shop prices have changed, prices are now linked to a ‘typical’ player production, so they are more accurate
  • You can now retrieve ammo from warehouse when you are in game, provided you have enough ammo in warehouse. But it cost 3 times the normal ammo (to get 50 ammo you will need 150 ammo in warehouse). This is only possible when you are out of ammo (a message will be displayed on screen), by pressing the B key.
  • MySQL errors are now handled correctly (as I have a limited number of simultaneous MySQL connection)
  • And some other small changes…

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