Snorms alpha 0.0.5 build 205 & map e01m10

I’ve uploaded a new map, e01m10, where you can build a new port to go to the south island (e01m11) when it’s done. This map has less ammunitions than others, as you should have a mine to help you build ammunitions now.

I’ve also updated snorms just to correct a bug with poison & lava floor, that happened only on this new map.

There are now 6 maps completed, next maps to be done should be :

  • e01m11 & e01m12 : the two islands, with mines
  • e01m06 : where you will get the missile launcher
  • e01m07, e01m08
  • and finally e01m09 : the boss, end of episode 1

Then I will work on the downloadable (offline) version of snorms, and the warehouse attack & defense.

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