Offline version

It’s official, there will be a downloadable/offline version of Snorms, the resource management system will be made easier and there will be other changes :

  • You will only have one resource, the money
  • All weapons/upgrades will be payable using this money
  • Mines will not produce resources in “real time”, but something more like syndicate, each completed mission will make the mines produce for a certain amount of hours
  • No mines upgrade (they will produce for a certain amount of time)
  • No port building (automatic)
  • (Optional, not sure yet) Ammunitions will not be craftable, they will have to be collected in levels
  • Higher sound quality
  • Technically it will use lwjgl for better sounds
  • Resizable viewport, so that you can see far away (provided your computer supports it)
  • And in the future I hope I could add multiplayer support for this version (co-op or deathmatch)

I’m currently working on menus and ui :

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