News : offline version, online version,…

Offline version is making good progress, it should be ready for alpha stage soon, with a “one map” demo version.

As I don’t have enough time to work on both online & offline versions, and as offline version is easier for me (no multiplayer interactions), I’ve decided to :

  • Change online version to closed alpha-stage, and pauses its development for some time
  • Work fully on the offline/downloadable version
  • Publish soon a demo version of downloadable version
  • And publish soon a downloadable version at low price (as its an alpha version)

The downloadable alpha version will include :

  • Full episode 1
  • 5 weapons : pistol, shotgun, laser gun, missile launcher, uzi
  • 2 difficulty modes : normal & difficult (unlockable)
  • 8 monsters
  • 13 levels
  • Around 4 hours gameplay
  • And most of the features of the online version, but made easier : leveling, weapons upgrade, mines,…
  • And of course, all updates to episode 1 will be available
  • A discount on episode 2 (when its out) will be applied for those who bought the alpha version

As the online version will need hundreds of players to be interesting, I will continue working on it when/if the downloadable game is a success (of course gifts will be given to those who bought the downloadable version).

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