Map e01m13 & alpha 0.0.7

The “secret” map e01m13 has been uploaded and snorms is now in alpha 0.0.7 (build 223) :

  • Optimizations (again) : there’s almost no full garbage collector happening during normal gameplay now, I reviewed my cache system and reused more objects. The gc was the cause of the small lags that were happening sometimes (on my computer full gc is around 300-500 ms). I’ve also removed the upper limit of the memory, so it’s fully handled by the JVM now.
  • New power up, “matrix”, it will slow down bullets around you (and eventually stop them)
  • New boss monster, you can see it in e01m06 as a mini boss (it will flee during fight), you will fight it’s full version in e01m09 when it’s done
  • Shadows : bullets, monsters and player now have a shadow under them
  • Improved scripting engine, scripts can now be launched in the background (as a result doors will now open a lot more quickly)
  • New weapon upgrade : “mini gun”, available at the end of map e01m13, at the moment the mini gun sound is the same as the pistol
  • Upon completing e01m13 you will unlock hard difficulty mode (when it’s done)
  • Bug corrections…

Map e01m13 is heavily inspired on a Doom 2 map (I love this game)

Next update should focus on :

  • The boss map (e01m09)
  • Hard difficulty mode

And I will also begin working on the downloadable version of snorms.


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