Map e01m08 & alpha 0.0.6 build 220

I’ve uploaded map e01m08, the last one before the boss (but I’ll work on a secret level before making boss level). This level can be quite hard in some places, I just have two suggestions :

  • Don’t forget monster infighting
  • Sometimes it’s best to flee battle

Snorms has been updated to build 220 :

  • Optimizations : performance is around ~10-15 % better now, I removed some old graphics stuff that had not been updated to last graphical engine and optimized physics engine
  • 1 new monster “Vile” aka “I see dead people”, available in e01m08
  • New particle effects on fireballs
  • Error reporting : when a fatal error occurs (black screen with an¬†unhandled exception printed) a bug report is automatically sent to my server, with full replay data, so that I can investigate the error and reproduce it easily.
  • Because of the changes in the physics engine there could be some strange behavior/bugs remaining (that’s mainly why I added the error report)

The game is playable on my netbook, but not on all maps, because of random lags, I think the problem comes from memory and lags occur when garbage collector occurs (so mainly on big maps, requiring more memory). So next optimizations should focus on memory consumption (it is around 150mb after gc, but as I have quite a lot of objects periodically renewed it is usually between 200-400mb)

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