Alpha 0.0.6 (build 207)

I’ve updated snorms to alpha 0.0.6 !

The biggest change is the lighting & vision system :

  • The ship no longer lights around itself
  • The vision of enemies is limited : if the enemy is on sight, it will become opaque, if it is no longer on sight, it will slowly become transparent. So that you can only see them if they are in sight
  • If an enemy shoots or teleports, it will become opaque
  • Added light colors, so now lights can light the place in yellow, green, or any other color
  • Most of the lights will activate only when you are in sight (default behavior)

Other changes :

  • Added new items : fire lamp (with a nice animation), neon lights, and decor stuff
  • Changed lights on some items : monsters when they fire, lava, poison,…
  • Changed most of the maps to add more lights
  • Monster level is displayed when hovered
  • Changed balance to make the game easier : lowered monsters damage & life gain, increased weapons damage
  • First map (e01m01) has changed slightly, it is easier for newbie and a little nicer
  • Changed framerate when in limited mode (from 30fps to 15fps)
  • Corrected some bugs (going into the void on windows resulted in very low framerate, disabled right clicking the html page when playing,…)

Two more maps have been added e01m12 and e01m06

  • e01m12 is the northern island, with a mine on it
  • e01m06 is the map where you can get the missile launcher !

The test case 🙂

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