Alpha 0.0.5

Snorms alpha 0.0.5 is now online and public !

It features :

  • 5 maps
  • 1 mine
  • 3 weapons : pistol, shotgun and laser gun. Fully upgradeable.
  • Help is being written, most important parts are done
  • Port building (but the corresponding maps are not done yet)
  • 6 monsters : small sentry, brownie, bluecan, egg, fatman, laser turret
  • 3 power ups : invisibility, invincibility, deflector
  • Current level cap : 15
  • Energy gain / hour : 3

There could be some big balance problems, but as you should be low level, it shouldn’t matter that much.

As this is the first public release, there could be some delay (minutes, hours, days,…) between this message and the true availability of the website.

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