Alpha 0.0.4 & change of plans

Alpha 0.0.4 is complete, here are the changes :

  • Map 1 to 3 are done
  • Mines have been added, they will bring resources until they are full (they need to be collected) or depleted
  • Ports have been added, they allow exploration of nearby islands, and later they will allow the player to conquer islands, attack other players,….
  • Some changes in the site layout (menus,…)
  • New in game stuff : lava, poison, help system
  • Replay save & player, this will be used to check suspicious games for cheat or abuse
  • Localization : French and English

A video of the third map of the game :

The player is quite high level for this map, so it’s making everything easy 🙂

I’ve changed release plans, finally I think there are enough features now for a public release, but not enough levels. So I will make more levels, and I will make a public release when it’s done.
As a consequence, this release will be a “solo” release, no multiplayer interaction yet, it will come in a next release.

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