Snorms alpha 0.0.2 (build 136)

A small update to alpha 0.0.2, by pressing F2 you will switch to quick lightning calculation, which use a lot less CPU than normal calculation.

So I’ve done some benchmarking :

  • Works fine with my PC (Intel E8600, 6gb ram), under Ubuntu Linux and Virtualized Windows XP, with full lightning calculation
  • Works fine on a few years old laptop (Intel T7300, 2gb ram)
  • It is not playable with a netbook (Asus Eee PC 1015 PN, Atom N550 dual core, 1gb ram), it could almost be playable, but there are some big lags often, making it unplayable (usually when shooting, or when monsters awake)
  • Works fine (basic calculation) on a 10 years old laptop (P4 2.5ghz , 512mb ram), some small lags because of the lake of memory (swapping occurs)

What is the most interesting is that the 1 year old netbook is less powerful than the 10 years old laptop, of course this is a very specific case, if I want the laptop to play a full HD video it will crash, whereas the netbook will play it smoothly.

I need to investigate more on what is happening on the netbook, I am quite sure the game could run smoothly with a bit more optimization.

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