Snorms alpha 0.0.2 (build 120)

I’ve released alpha 0.0.2 about two weeks earlier than expected, everything is really going quickly now, the engine is working nicely, and adding stuffs is really easy.

The biggest update in this new alpha version is the script engine, I can now execute scripts in my levels (pushing buttons, opening doors,…), which means a lot more interactions.

So the changes :

  • Script engine (with a few actions : moving camera, opening doors, activating lights, ending level,…)
  • New objects : button and keys
  • Redesigned existing levels, to include scripts and keys
  • Extracted most of the media (sounds, graphics) to jar files, so that they are now cached by your browser, increasing loading times

Next alpha should be more PHP oriented, meaning I will begin working on saving player progression, experience and that kind of stuff. Registration won’t be mandatory (a guest account will be created automatically for unregistered users).

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