Alpha will be coming soon

First alpha should be ready, as planned, by the end of December, it will be a gameplay preview, not a beta version, and not at all a final version 🙂 it should include :

  • A few monsters (mostly depending on what I can “draw”)
  • A few levels
  • 4 weapons : pistol, shotgun, missile launcher and laser gun
  • And all that is needed to make a simple shooter game (life, armor, ammunitions,…)

For the moment, what is mostly missing are the graphics, I still use the quickly made graphics for kleum, and this is not enough 🙂 Technically, since last update I have :

  • Improved again performance
  • Added weapons, bullets and ammunitions
  • Added HUD
  • Added life and armor systems
  • Added monsters with quite a lot of behaviors (fleeing, following players, switching weapons,…)
  • I had to switch back to basic lightning calculations, in order to keep a good frame rate, I’ll work on improving performance on this part later (quick calculation is enough at the moment)

I think I’ll use some music/sounds from the freedoom project, it will fit nicely in this game (I love doom games, this is a great source of inspiration for me)

And here’s some screen shots

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