Snorms is “en route” !

I have spent last days developing stuff for a customer (sadly we need money to live) so I couldn’t make progress for my games during this time.

But finally that’s it ! Snorms development has begun !

I don’t know yet if I will release prototype versions, but I’ll try to make an alpha version quickly. Currently I made great progress on the engine to improve performance, and handle more accurately the sprites hit box. And I’ve added a few things :

  • Mouse movement : you can control player using keys or mouse (click on the block you wanna go to)
  • A* path finding
  • Particle system : a particle is a simple object that has a velocity, is subjected to forces (gravity) and has a lifetime. Typically it will be used for graphical effects and bullets.
  • Particle emitter

Here’s a few screenshots of particles :

  • The red particle is some kind of bullet, it goes quickly and is not subjected to gravity. It has a particle emitter attached
  • The black particles are some low weight particles, subjected to gravity and slowed down quickly
  • I generate a lot of particles / seconds, that’s why I kill FPS 🙂

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