End of november news…

A lot of work on the engine since last news (but less than expected, mostly because of Skyrim 🙂 ), mostly improvements of existing stuffs, and a few new things :

  • Sprites are now integrated into the physical engine (they handle gravity, can be pushed, player can jump,…)
  • More accurate behavior, the cubes are now truly handled like small parts (a big cube is in fact 64 small cubes), this, sadly, lowers fps… which will increase minimum requirements…
  • Sprites can now move freely pixel by pixel (instead of cube by cube), like particles
  • Light engine

In order to handle the increasing number of images to display, I had to switch from java2d Graphics object to an home made replacement. This replacement is around 50-60% quicker than java for simple blit operations (equivalent of Graphics drawImage function), of course it does less things, but at least it does what I want it to do 🙂 I will create a new java optimization post with source to explain all this.

Here is a small screenshot of kleum with the new light engine, I doubt I will make this public now, it needs a lot more testing !

And a few screenshots of my test game, which is just to show the I can now climb on objects, and cast fireballs 🙂



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