Kleum, proto-20111021 : level transition, tutorial, pause,…

New prototype version !

Click here to launch prototype

You need at least Java 1.6 installed on your computer, that’s all, Kleum is a Java applet, it does not need special security settings, just launch and test !

There might be some problems if running multiple version of Kleum, in order to do so you should close and restart your browser before testing another version.

What’s new ?

  • Level transitions : I’ve included 2 very simple tutorial levels and the third level is the one previously released
  • Pause : you can now pause the game by pressing the P key, it will display some map statistics
  • Internal changes : improved display manager (you can see message boxes now) and improved state machine
  • Game over screen : it will display your final score, you can reload the page to restart game
  • Level time is now taken into account to calculate score. There are two times : par time (typical time to finish level) and good time (if you are good enough), doing less than them will give you more points
  • I’ve also added some arrow sprites, they are here just to help you (mostly because sometimes it’s not obvious there are teleporters on your way)
  • Some sprites have been updated (size reduction & teleporter)

Items :

  • Green diamond : what you must get in order to finish the level
  • Red diamond : bad diamond, will grow the snake
  • Heart : gives you a new life.
  • Pause : will pause the snake, allowing you to decide peacefully on your next move
  • Size reduction : will reduce snake size
  • Size reduction infinite : will reduce snake size, item does stay on the map, so that you can pick it infinitely
  • Teleport in/out : will teleport player from one teleporter to another

How to use the prototype ?

  • When snake is stopped, press any arrow key to ‘launch’ it in the specified direction
  • When snake is moving, press Left or Right arrow key to move it Left/Right (from snake point of view)
  • Press P to pause the game

I think this is the last prototype version, I will release a beta version soon, with more levels and an online save state (cookies or account).

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