Kleum, proto-20111013

New prototype version !

Click here to launch prototype

You need at least java 1.6 installed on your computer, that’s all, Kleum is a java applet, it does not need special security settings, just launch and test !

Not so much changes visible, a lot internally, visible changes :

  • Detailed tiles (stairs, small walls in the level)
  • Snake is sent back to the starting point after dying
  • Green diamonds have been introduced, taking them will increase snake size (that’s all for now) and they will disappear after

How to use the prototype ?

  • When snake is stopped, press any arrow key to ‘launch’ it in the specified direction
  • When snake is moving, press Left or Right arrow key to move it Left/Right (from snake point of view)
  • Press space key to toggle camera smooth movements on and off
  • Press + or – key to change snake size

What I should do next (in no particular order) for kleum :

  • Draw and implement remaining sprites from old kleum (teleportation, bad diamond, reduce,…)
  • Build a converter tool from old kleum levels to the new format (to have some basic levels quickly implemented)
  • Create the UI and display all the informations needed
  • Implement life system
  • Manage multiple levels and transitions
  • Add sounds (maybe music)
  • Test, test and test

I hope kleum should be ready for playing by the end of the month, so that I can begin working on snorms (which will be much more interesting)

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