Kleum beta is out !

I’ve finally released the first kleum beta (0.1r13) ! You can test it at : http://www.snorms.com/kleum/

As I already said this game is a test game for my isometric game engine, it was not really meant to be public at first, so I still don’t know what its future will be…
If enough people are playing it I could release something like 5 levels / week, I don’t know yet. It could also evolve with more functionalities from snorms (script engine, enemies, bullets,…)… Wait and see 🙂 I doubt I could make money with it, so chances are it will remain 100% free…

Changes from prototype version :

  • 5 more levels : all current levels are conversions from old kleum levels, I’ve modified them, but I didn’t build new ones from scratch yet. So they have limitations inherited from these previous versions.
  • 4 speed settings : I’ve also made the default speed a bit quicker, it was too easy (it’s still too easy in my mind, but maybe it is because I know the maps too well)
  • Corrected various bugs

Next versions should include :

  • Account support : so that you can save your progression (every 5 levels)
  • Score & time savings : with world wide best scores, in order to do and to avoid cheat I have to include a “ghost record” feature
  • More levels
  • Bug correction (I still have some issues with sound for example)

Have fun !

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