Kleum, proto-20110927

Here’s the first prototype version of Kleum, it does not do much for now, it’s just a technical release. I’ll try to make regular prototype release from now on.

Click here to launch prototype

You need at least java 1.6 installed on your computer, that’s all, Kleum is a java applet, it does not need special security settings, just launch and test !

At the moment there is no much to see, basically, what you can do is :

  • At launch, move the camera using arrow keys
  • Press A to spawn a sprite (yellow cube), the camera will self-center on it
  • Press ZQSD to move the sprite (sorry, no other keyboard layout in this prototype, it will come later)

But technically, a lot is being done that can not be seen in this simple demo :

  • First version of my Isometric engine : layer support at different height, basic shadow system, edge coloring, …
  • Load levels from xml files generated by Map Designer
  • Dynamically load texture (not sprite for now)
  • Camera system (absolute or follow a sprite)
  • Viewport management
  • Buffering system

I’ve capped the FPS at 240, as I want to see if everything is correctly optimized. Of course there is not that much to display at the moment (no animation, basic sprite movement) but frame rate is good.

The prototype has been tested on :

  • Netbook @ 1.5 ghz, Windows XP, Firefox
  • Netbook @ 1.5 ghz, Ubuntu 11.04 Firefox (sun jvm)
  • PC @ 2*3.33 ghz, Ubuntu 11.04 Chromium (sun jvm)

Next version soon…

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