Kleum For Dos

Kleum for dos was the first ever release of kleum (a snake game with nice hand made levels), latest version was released in August 2001 (first in ~ 1998), this game features :

  • Multiplayer support (on the same screen) : cooperative or deathmatch
  • 39 levels, 5 arenas (for multiplayer)
  • Powerups
  • Score and bonuses
  • Level editor


The requirements are quite small 🙂

  • ms-dos (or fully compatible) system, works fine on dosbox
  • Intel 80386 or above computer (works fine on Pentium and current computers)
  • 648kb RAM


It seems the video mode I was using is not compatible with VirtualBox (I have not tried VMware), but it works perfectly fine with dosbox. I would suggest lowering speed in order for the game to be easier (there’s a small speed difference on actual computers).

On first two launches it will create some configuration files, just launch it three times to play.

Full source code is included (QBasic 7.1)

Download here !

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